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Systems are often so well-developed that we accept the status quo and mostly don’t challenge the underlying issue or even realise it could be managed differently. Change is only initiated when our perceptions are challenged in some way that causes us to consider an issue differently and then introduce strategies to improve its outcome.

So over the years we (NCA) have had our perceptions challenged and have had to create useful solutions – these are some examples …


Problem 1. Nutrition services to the RAC sector. Until 1999 nutrition services were only provided on an “as needs” basis which had the dual disadvantages of irregular work for clinicians and budgetary difficulties for the RACFs.

Solution 1. The creation of a regular service model based on required services being scheduled throughout the year. Regular scheduling means minimised budgetary difficulties for RACFs and regular work slots for clinicians.


Problem 2. Nutritional risk screening. The RAC sector operates on well-developed systems for all aspects of Care – except the nutrition component which is typically managed by dietitians.

Solution 2. Many in-house systems are initiated and managed to a defined point, and then referred to experts. Our fully integrated nutritional risk screening system guides decision-making to that defined point; our proprietary tool's validity and reliability has been independently established for the RAC sector.


Problem 3. Finger Food Menus. Enhancing dignity and independence in eating are very common problems for many of those who care for, or who have, eating difficulties.

Solution 3. The development of a nutritionally-balanced, three-week finger food menu that enables people who are fully assisted with their meals, to eat with dignity and independence both at home and in social situations.


Problem 4. Drug-nutrition interactions. The integration of this field into daily clinical practice is generally overlooked by health professionals – primarily due to lack of easy access to useful, relevant evidence.

Solution 4. The compilation of an online database that provides relevant, research-based nutrition information for each drug in succinct, referenced dot points to enable quick access by busy clinicians.


We enjoy the challenge of creating effective solutions for unrecognised issues and consequently changing the status quo and outcomes - so contact us if you want to manage some aspect of your nutrition service more effectively.

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